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Brainstorming The Future #1 / QR-Codes 

Brainstorming The Future #1: QR-Codes

Here is the first brainstorming netcast, where we start with a Google Buzz seed post on QR-Codes from Gina Tripani of and a host of other things and This Week In Google. From there, we follow the evolution of a new concept in QR-Codes through more posts from Danny Sullivan of Third Door Media, a regular on The Gillmor Gang and Matt Cutts of Google, who often appears with Gina on This Week In Google. I threw in my two cents with Adsense For Objects. Things wrap up with feedback on the QR-Infrared emitter signage concept from Nancy Rossi of Sign Diego, a manufacturer of industrial grade signs. My question to you is after watching the video, where do we go for QR-Codes part II?

Infrared QR-code concept thread: