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Helopter Shapeways Unbox

Helopter: Single seat ducted-air craft mini model from Shapeways

#HOODSAFEROCK: Fenech-Soler Interview

Caught up for a brief chat with UK electronic music band Fenech-Soler. I found their collaborative musical experimentation process interesting. Indivdual band members sketch up music ideas in tools like Logic and Reason and their output is fed to a band member who uses Pro Tools to integrate ideas and polish them into a finished song. This process reminds me alot of software integration, where code is taken from several developers and merged together to form a final build. 



#NOTGLASS v2-Beta Modular Headset Frame

Not Stylish, Not Subtle, #NOTGLASS


Director Casey Neistat, SXSW 2014

The #NOTGLASS project began as an exploration of the Digital Divide, focused on Google Glass, during the 2013 SXSWi (South By Southwest Interactive) conference in Austin Texas, consisting of a cardboard box, Android phone, 3G Wifi Hotspot, and powered speakers. The conversations and experiences gathered while interacting with conference attendees inspired the idea that users should be able to easily expand wearable headset platforms.

The 3D Printable Kit available for download


Where the incredible Google Glass project drives tightly integrated, minimalist hardware design for delivering contextually filtered information to the user, #NOTGLASS aims to ultimately provide a modular platform for integrating hardware from a variety of sources, much like the early IBM compatible PC motherboard. A platform for head mounted, wearable computing experimentation will enable users to discover new ways to bring the world around them and the internet together.

The current incarnation of #NOTGLASS is 3D printed, made up of modular interlocking parts that align to rail-mounts. Hollow spaces run through each modular part to allow for cable routing. Applications are limited only by the imagination, anything from BCI (Brain Computer Interface) headsets, to 3D laser environment scanning, to 360-Degree video capture.



Helopter Model

Found this way old model in the archives. Is this cool enough to 3D print? 

Dual Fold Dual Touch Smartphone

Samsung announced an interesting dual display smartphone recently. Here's my take on the flip phone concept from a few years ago. I came up with a ball joint that allows the two displays to be oriented in the familiar clamshell and a new tablet mode.

Copy/Paste between Apps running on the displays would be useful while in clamshell mode. Tablet mode would span whatever is on screen across both displays.
Note the Android 1.x-sh incoming call screen on the upper display, lol.