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Adsense For Objects

Danny Sullivan mentioned above how funny it would be to have the teams in his kids games sponsored by GOOG/MSFT. This got me thinking, what if Google Adsense could move Ad inventory onto something like a football/baseball uniform(in addition to Billboards & Posters). Would you just use a QR-Code to register when a sponsored media ad unit has been hit by a phone(when taking a picture)? The people who manufacture T-Shirts and Jerseys could be given the QR pattern when they silkscreen.

When parents upload their pic's to Flickr, visible QR codes could be decoded by the site in the background or your browser, or both to figure out what to do with it. Even a partially obscured or fuzzy code could be useful if the other metadata(location, time, comments) in the photo allows a good guess as to whats going on.