Ideas Matter




Helopter Model

Found this way old model in the archives. Is this cool enough to 3D print? 

Dual Fold Dual Touch Smartphone

Samsung announced an interesting dual display smartphone recently. Here's my take on the flip phone concept from a few years ago. I came up with a ball joint that allows the two displays to be oriented in the familiar clamshell and a new tablet mode.

Copy/Paste between Apps running on the displays would be useful while in clamshell mode. Tablet mode would span whatever is on screen across both displays.
Note the Android 1.x-sh incoming call screen on the upper display, lol. 

Makerbot Replicator 2X / Dropship Build



Unwrapped a new Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D printer this week. After printing one of the test models, I dived in with a 20 year old Scifi Dropship 3D model I built back in the day using Caligari Truespace ver 1.0. The Dropship model has a fair amount of challenging geometry for the Makerbot, including overhanging features that extend above portions of model itself. The Makerware software that comes with the printer added breakaway support structures to prevent drooping during the build. Playing around with the Makerbot Rep 2X, I definitely get the feeling that things will never be the same going forward. 

Click here for the: Makerbox Replicator 2X Unbox/Dropship build photo album 










This year for South by Southwest 2013 in Austin, I decided to use this awesome venue to explore some of the promising ideas surrounding Google Glass in the cheeziest way possible.






Javelin/Canyon Candy USB album

I spoke briefly to George Langford, half of the Brooklyn based electronic band Javelin following an incredible live set here in San Diego. Their latest album, Canyon Candy was being distributed electronically via USB based sheriff's badge, in keeping with the western theme. Short video below showing off the MP3 player album featuring "Trembler", my favorite track from Canyon Candy.