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How Does Android + [Insert Name Here]'s Phone Become Like The iPhone?


Outrage abounds as news of Apple's latest move, perceived as yet another developer relations body blow, makes the rounds in the tech community. 

Says frustrated commentator Travis in this Buzz thread from Jeremy Chone: "After the battery in my iPod Touch goes... I'll officially be DONE with anything Apple..."

Well, where does one go if leaving Apple? Android is a threat to Apple for sure, but sort of the way a micro meteor is a threat to an astronaut on their way to Mars. The relatively open, fragmented, wild-west environment of Android means that mixed App experiences break often on a given device. In this environment, developer freedom over time should encourage one of those rare breakout successes to challenge Apple's managed experience platform. This is the micro meteor that comes out of nowhere, right through the hull of a spacecraft. I liken it to the impact of a DOOM, created by iD Software for the PC. Think DOOM would have been allowed into the Apps store had it existed back then? Me neither. 

So my question is this, if enough users want these new experiences born of freedom(and chaos) to arrive intact on their Android devices, how does Google sync manufacturers, carriers and developers with varying priorities as well as Apple syncs itself? 



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    GadgetX - Blog - How Does Android + [Insert Name Here]'s Phone Become Like The iPhone?
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    GadgetX - Blog - How Does Android + [Insert Name Here]'s Phone Become Like The iPhone?

Reader Comments (2)

The one thing that Apple doesn't have that Google does is their motto - "Do no evil."

April 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterShane

This is true Shane, I don't personally think what Apple is doing is evil, but then again I'm not a developer with skin in the game. Apple has a right to do what it thinks is in the best interests of its platform and shareholders, and Google has the responsibility to do the same. What exactly does "Do no Evil" mean? Could you say that allowing anybody do anything on your platform in a mission critical device, like some future emergency responder's hybrid push to talk Android phone might possibly result in an Evil outcome? Would GOOG be doing evil in this instance to say , "Hey, this is life and death stuff, you cant just go in willy nilly with your codegen stuff" ?

April 11, 2010 | Registered CommenterAnthony Blow

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